Sound Editing: 
 Dance schools,Talent Quest, Eisteddfod, Rock Eisteddfod Entrants

It is imperative that the backing track you use is totally professional.
It must sound great, be in the right key, at the correct tempo, with no audible cuts.

Total Sound can process your existing backing track to your needs. We can:

 Change keys [without effecting the speed]  original key  +2 semitones

Change speed [without effecting the pitch]  original speed  faster speed

Cut the track seamlessly, to lengthen or shorten it. 

Create custom mixes [sample]

Remove hiss and background noise from your old tapes and records.

raw sample   de clicked   de noised

Remix midifiles [set up your files to closely match the original song]

Set up the sound of a track, so that it is much more like the original

Transfer the result to CD, or send you a MP3 or WMA file 
so that you can write the restored track to CD

If you have already invested in backing tracks, but they fall short of the mark,
 bring them up to scratch and gain a great competitive edge.

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After you have mixed your project you need to prepare a master. The master will have all your tracks in order with a set time between them and a relative listening level that allows you to listen to the whole CD without  having to adjust the tone or volume. Ideally the whole project should sound as though it was recorded in the same studio on the same day. As a project is recorded, the tonal sound of each track will vary, depending on the studio, engineer, producer, or in what order they were recorded. Mastering resets the levels and tones to make the best possible listening experience and even if the tracks vary in sound and style, they should flow together smoothly.

Here at Total Sound we have the experience and audio tools to make your tracks shine. We will help you choose an effective track order and tailor the sound to give you continuity and  the best listening experience possible, whatever the style.

Here are some examples of what is possible:

A file as it was before mastering

The same part of the original track

After processing

So Yesterday backing

Quando backing

Wake up midi 

Locomotion backing

So Yesterday original

Quando Original

Wake up Original

Locomotion Original

So Yesterday backing New

Quando backing new

Wake up midi new 

Locomotion backing new