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About Total Sound

Total Sound Recording was established in 1988. please visit Total Sound

Creating a great backing track is what we love to do.

Total Sound supply backing tracks for immediate download from as low as AU$2.00.

The sound tracks I create are as close as possible to the original arrangements, I pay particular attention to setting the tempo changes and the layout [verse chorus middle eight solo etc.] so that they match the original version, so that when you have practiced the song with the original artist, you will find my tracks will not hold any nasty surprises.
This is particularly important in the show songs where there are many tempo changes.

We can also send you a custom CD with your choice of tracks. If you already have a backing and you want to change the key, or enhance it, (see Mastering ) send it to me at  [MP3 128 - 196kps, under 10meg] and I will work my magic.

If the backing track you need is not yet available, we will be happy to make you a custom backing. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the song and  if you want harmony vocals, real guitars etc. All you need do is email me tell me what you need and I will give you a quote. The average price for a custom MIDI arrangement is around AU$100.00] and takes about a week to complete. 

Song writers, singers: this service well help you produce cost effective demos of your songs. We can also do full production for any artist who wants to release their own material, or produce top quality covers

Geoff Laing
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