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Mechanics of voice

Voice is the oldest instrument, all other melodic instruments copy the voice.
All instruments have many similarities to your voice.


On a Guitar for instance:

Frets are used to change the pitch [tuning] of the strings making  them shorter or longer. You change pitch  with your voice by tightening or loosening  the vocal chords with the muscles on either side.

The strings are like your vocal chords. This is where the sound is formed.

The sound hole is similar to your mouth and serves the same purpose. This is where the sound of the instrument is projected after being amplified by the body of the Guitar.

The Body of the Guitar is similar to your body and does the same job, resonating [vibrating in harmony] with the strings to amplify and richen the initial sound of the strings, which would sound soft and thin without the body.

The volume of the guitar is changed by striking the strings harder or softer. On a piano you hit the keys harder or softer, on a trumpet you blow air softer or harder into the instrument. With voice you make your vocal chords vibrate harder or softer with the volume of air rushing past them.

Controlling the air is one of the most important aspects of singing, you must use your diaphragm.