Click the links below for recordings from Total Sound:

Geoffrey Laing -Second Time Around
featuring the best session players and singers in Sydney at
the time and was arranged by Charles Hull and financed by Gavin Fynan to whom
I am most grateful. 

Rachel Laing -Aperitif
Rachel Laing continues her journey into the Australian music scene, releasing her
debut CD 'Aperitif'. The CD features a collection of covers that showcase her
unique and entertaining vocal style

Nicholas Gentile  - On My Way

Nichols has partnered with Julia Plummer to write Cheryl Sawyer's enchanting novel
"La Creole"  into a stage musical. Featured on Nicholas's album is "Guy's Lament".  which is just a taste of the musical styling.

Def Wish Cast - Knight Of The Underground Table

 Def Wish Cast -Mad As A Hatter  (Australian Hip Hop)
1991 DWC under contract to "Random records" recorded the 500 limited four track vinyl
"Mad as a Hatter" EP and was eagerly snapped up. The EP was produced and
engineered by Geoffrey M. Laing at "Total Sound" recording studio in Australia

   Lorenzo Rositano - Just the Beginning
Lorenzo Rositano - Encore
Lorenzo's  love of opera was apparent from an early age. His greatest influences
are Luciano Pavarotti, Mario Lanza and Anthony Warlow.

Shannon Nesbit  Singer song writer listen to his latest EP

Darryl Griffen (Rock, Pop, Social Comment)

Indigenous, prolific songwriter. Darryl has a cutting edge to his compositions. 
He and Glen Heath teamed up with the help of the Australian Council of the arts to 
produce this offering. Catchy beats, poignant lyrics, tasteful playing.....enjoy.

Jane Chifley (Singer Songwriter)
This EP is a compilation of songs that are distinctly Australian in character. 
They do also touch a broader spectrum of music, sometimes areas that evoke strong emotions. 
We have a great country and need to work together to make it even better.

Jumpin' the Gun (Blues)
Bee Bops (50's Rock & Roll)
Mungoop (Chilli Pepper's style Rock)
Bev Karlik (Singer Songwriter)
Alan Thomas (Singer Songwriter)
Glister (Baroque Rock)
Bill Lane (Airport Protest Song)